Volume 28/Number 1 2017
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Volume 28, Number 1 (January–March 2017)

Introduction to Nondestructive Materials Characterization Special Issue
Shank Kenderian (2 pages)

Assessment of Thermal Aging of Aluminum Alloy by Acoustic Nonlinearity Measurement of Surface Acoustic Waves
Hogeon Seo, Jihyun Jun, and Kyung-Young Jhang (15 pages)

Characterization of Microcracking in Polymer Concrete Using Multiple Scattered Waves Under Steady-State Vibration Conditions
S. Toumi, C. Mechri, M. Bentahar, F. Boubenider, and R. El Guerjouma (10 pages)

Resonant Ultrasonic Activation of Damage: Application for Diagnostic Imaging
Igor Solodov (17 pages)

Nondestructive Condition Assessment Techniques for the Ethylene-Propylene Rubber Cable
Xiaokai Meng, Zhiqiang Wang, and Guofeng Li (15 pages)